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Paige ohara, robbie benson, richard white, jerry orbach, david odginstires, angela lansburry detailed. When she opened the box this came in, which was an awesome amount of protection by the way, she was almost brought to tears. Beauty and the beast 1991 is a film that combines both traditional animation with computer animation, blending together computergenerated backgrounds with handdrawn characters. Beauty and the beast 1991 film beauty and the beast. Why beauty and the beast remains disneys best animated film. Beauty and the beast 1991 feature length theatrical. Beauty and the beast is a disney media franchise comprising a film series and additional merchandise. She is an intelligent and undeniably beautiful young woman whose traits are looked down upon in her small french village. I especially love how the two offset each other, lumiere being. Davidchannels moviespoofs of disneys 1991 animated film beauty and the beast. Beauty and the beast slipped around all my roadblocks and penetrated directly into my strongest childhood memories, in which animation looked more real than liveaction features.

List of disneys beauty and the beast characters wikipedia. A prince cursed to spend his days as a hideous monster sets out to regain his humanity by earning a young womans love. Back in october 1991, new york film festival audiences were treated to something rather different. Beauty and the beast 1991 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Screenshots and promotional artwork from beauty and the beast. Beauty and the beast is a 1991 american animated musical romantic fantasy film by disney. Beauty and the beast bluray animated disney cartoon movie. Beauty and the beast 1991 filmgallery beauty and the beast 1991 film. Menkens score for the film sparkles with energy and wit. Its a tale as old as time, but a story we love to see again and again. As a result of her status as an outcast, belle yearns to break out of the smallminded community to experience a life of adventure. In fact, on the films official imdb page, the character is listed. While the trailers for disneys beauty and the beast sold the liveaction remake of the 1991 animated classic as a lighthearted musical romp for the whole family, its actually something far more. Disney has released character posters for its upcoming liveaction version of beauty and the beast.

The main part of what makes beauty and the beast such a brilliant film is the fact that the relationship between the two title characters doesnt feel artificial or onedimensional, even though theyre drawn on paper. The animation for beauty and the beast often taps into classic hollywood imagery. Lumiere and cogsworth were great side characters that never felt to over the top or too silly, there just great characters with very lively personalities. This article lists information of fictional characters from disneys beauty and the beast franchise, covering the 1991 animated film, its direct to video followup, a short. This hybridization of techniques can be seen during the ballroom sequence of the.

With paige ohara, robby benson, jesse corti, rex everhart. Watching the movie, i found myself caught up in a direct and joyous way. Beauty and the beast 1991 full movie english youtube. In the 1991 animation, the maid transformed into a. Since beauty and the beast is a work of disney animation, it also has its own traditions and its own purview. The success of the original 1991 american animated feature, beauty and the beast, directed by gary trousdale and kirk wise, led to three directtovideo followup films, a liveaction spinoff television series, a disney world stage show, a disney world restaurant, several video games. Beauty and the beast is a 1991 american animatit muisical romantic fantasie drama film produced bi walt disney featur animation an released bi walt disney pictures. Thinking only of her father, she makes a bargain with a beast who holds her father captive in his castle. Whats the beasts real name in beauty and the beast. For the first time, disney screened an unfinished version of its latest project, beauty and the. Beauty and the beast was released on november, 1991.

The new beauty and the beast compared to the original film. Beauty and the beast is a 1991 american animated musical romantic fantasy film produced by walt disney feature animation and released by walt disney pictures. Beauty and the beast is the thirtieth fulllength animated feature film in the disney animated canon and the third film in the disney renaissance. Following the little mermaids formula of reimagining fairy tales as broadwaystyle musicals, beauty and the beast roared into theaters in the winter of 1991 and became a massive hit. Beauty and the beast was also nominated for several awards, and won the golden globe award for best motion picture musical or comedy for the first time in. Given that this film is an animation and the actors are only doing voices, i would have to classify all three as interpreters. The animation was great and camera movements and computer generated backgrounds were. The archetypal story of beauty and the beast was transformed into an animated feature film by disney in 1991. Characters and voice actors beauty and the beast 1991. The 1991 animated classic beauty and the beast introduced audiences everywhere to a cast of lovable characters, all turned into household objects by a terrible curse. Beauty and the beast international entertainment project.

Beauty and the beast disneys liveaction remake of its 1991 animated classic, starring emma watson as a pitchperfect belle, is. Visit the beauty and the beast official site to play games, find activities, meet the characters, browse photos and shop for merchandise. The vhs front cover of the 1992 vhs release from walt disney classics. She held it in lol its beautiful, and its a gift for anyone whom is a fan of the movie. Though the beast now holds the key to belles prison, he doesnt have the key to her heart, and her yearning spirit wont be kept prisoner. Awesome beauty and the beast is the best when it comes to story, characters, music, animations, visual effects,etc.

Beauty and the beast 1991 full movie english for kids animation movies for children disney movies 2018. View the film, pay special attention to the scenes where belle meets the beast and belle returns home. The voice cast for disneys beauty and the beast 1991 version do you recognize any voice actors. Belle is the female protagonist of disneys 1991 animated feature film, beauty and the beast. Potts vixen animals of the farthing wood, chip young tod the fox and the hound, fifi jenna balto, footstoole max the secret life of. Potts, and more have been brought to life through computer technology that wasnt even possible back in 1991, when the characters were all handdrawn. The new, liveaction adaption of beauty and the beast, in theaters march 17, brings to life these beloved enchanted objects in a brandnew way.

I was being told a story, i was hearing terrific music, and i was having fun. He also appears in the film s two directtovideo followups beauty and the beast. The ornate portraits give a closer look at each of the central characters in the film. News politics world sport technology business money opinion obituaries. Some of that was due to the gorgeous animation that reminded everyone how awesome disney had been back. The beast is a fictional character who appears in walt disney animation studios 30th animated feature film beauty and the beast 1991.

Throughout beauty and the beast, the beast is referred to as a prince, a master, and a beast, but he is never given a real name. Unlike other famous fairy tales, beauty and the beast feels quite realistic in its definition of love. Actors and acting styles the three actors from beauty and the beast 1991 that i chose to classify are belle paige ohara, beast robby benson, and lumiere jerry orbach. Beauty and the beast character posters revealed variety. Beauty and the beast 1991 beauty and the beast 1991.

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