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I have checked broadband, ethernet connection and carried out. Black box with 160gb disk item code 050590 requires bt broadband to get os 3 black box with disk item code 060604 does this require bt broadband to get os 4. Bt vision box for sale in uk 26 used bt vision boxs. It will be quicker for you, and youll be helping us to prioritise calls from the people in greatest need. Your bt vision contract will be cancelled, and youre recontract with bt and get a youview box. You have had too many unsuccessful attempts to login.

I was not interested in bt sport anyway and as i like the bt broadband i was ok with signing up to another 18 months. You dont need to install rufus it runs straight from the downloaded exe. Uptotheminute bus cancellations and school closures. Disneylife has launched, giving everyone their very own streaming magic kingdom all the movie nostalgia of your childhood is now in one place. Scrap all your plans for year ahead there is a whole ton of incredible tv coming your way. Bt vision launched a revised version of the original settop box in december 2009. I lose my pretty poor bt broadband in a few days time and so will lose this bt vision box too. Record, pause and rewind live tv for up to two hours. Bts new vision internet tv system combines freetoair digital tv with access to a vast online library of movies, music videos and standard tv programmes. I brought this to use in the bedroom so i can watch bt sports while my wife watches something else. I currently have several bt vision boxes and have been using the service from bt for over a year now some good experiences, a few not so good. Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. Replace incandescent light bulbs in your home with led lights to reduce electric. For me the replacement, so called upgrade, is utterly unacceptable.

Slow internet connectiondownload speeds with huawei b535. Bt tv is a subscription iptv service offered by bt. Bt has begun the process of upgrading its settop box inventory to the latest version of youview. Act 5 pack silver plated female to female tv aerial coaxial coupler white. I had another bt vision box turn up today so i thought il rip the seagate 160gb sata drive out and use it as an external for pics brand new out the box feeling happy with my self i fitted it in a desktop machine as main drive tried to install win 7 no go. New bthumax box to replace silver bt vision box page 2. I bought this to replace an old freeview box that packed up and which ive had since the digital. If you need help, please try our online help or get support from our bt community first most queries can be answered this way. To check the current price for youview from bt, and to order youview. Bt vision over plusnet tv answers digital tv made simple. I have a number of recordings that i have yet to view. I disconnected and reconnected the power and the screen shows startingplease wait and freezes at that screen. I was a well satisfied user of the bt vision silver box. This box can access standard definition freeview broadcasts where available, ondemand sd and hd content from bt, along with linear vod channels through bt infinity.

Download the app to apple tv, xbox, playstation or samsung smart tv for the big screen experience in your living room. Bt vision hard drive wont initialize windows 7 help forums. We can set up, install your bt vision equipment with a full demonstration on how to use, or integrate into a multiroom distribution system. I have been a loyal bt vision customer for well over a decade. Programmes can be added to the planner either by downloading an. In this guide we show you how to repair your bt or plusnet youview box by replacing the hard disk drive hdd inside it. A selfinstall version and a technician install version of bt vision are available. Bt vision is an ondemand tv service delivered via broadband, and is only available to bt total broadband customers. Bt has announced that broadband tv customers who are still using their old. Wait 10 seconds still holding in the buttons then turn on the power supply replace the power cord to the vision box.

So, if you currently get sky sports with bt tv, dont panic, nowt is changing. Got the email from bt about no service after 30 june so took up the offer of the new youview box. This new box sees a colour change from grey to shiny black. Presenters mike brewer and marc elvis priestley talk to bt tv about the new spinoff series from discoverys wheeler dealers garage. Bt has announced that broadband tv customers who are still using their old vision settopbox will have to adopt the newer youview based kit because the content for their older hardware is slowly being removed, with all extra channels and vod set to be gone by the end of 2017 the isp has already phased out their earliest silver coloured bt vision box and now the revised hardware, which. As support for my trusty vision box is due to cease at the end of june 2017 i instaulled my free replacement youview box a few days ago. Bt sport channels will only be available to those that subscribe to the bt infinity package, unless they have sky or virgin media. It could be interesting to find all the relevant info on each version of the boxes and collate it. The core component is the vbox, a freeview video recorder with a 160gb harddisk and twin tuners. How can i transfer these recordings to the new box before i have to send the old box back to bt. The old silver box has been fully recomissioned and is.

I do know that when my silver bt vision not youview box failed, the bt engineer who came out in the dear dead days when engineer meant engineer thought it reasonable to try swapping the hard drive from my failed one into the replacement box he brought. That was useful but its not available on the new box. Bt to scrap bt vision broadband iptv box and replace it with youview. I was wondering if its possible to still use the bt vision box i have still got a few programs on i would like to watch before the broadband is cancelled. There was a visual indication on the old box when a programme was being recorded. If you have an ultra hd4k tv, this box will allow you to watch ultra hd content available with the total entertainment or max packages. Bt is offering customers with its first generation silver bt vision boxes a free replacement youview box, provided they sign up to bt tv and broadband for a further 18 months by the end of june 2014. There is an rf loop through from a bt vision box which if bridged out makes the tv show a picture very briefly then goes back to no signal or shows a very poor picture for a moment then goes to no signal. New bthumax box to replace silver bt vision box bt. Questions i can think of which i need to research are. It is very slow to respond to the remote, slow to start up from standby and yes i have selected the low eco option. Youview box hard drive replacement ionic industries.

Yes there is a modchip for the bt box its a modified version of the german x300 modchip with patches for our box i created it. The interface is poor and hard to read, and the bt vision box keeps rebooting itself. Assuming you are out of contract with bt, its a case of ordering youview direct from bt. My bt vision box has worked fine up until last night. You can even set your box recording using your iphone or android, perfect when youve forgotten to set. Since then the box has been gathering dust in my shed. Hello, i have dtr 2100 bt vision box but need to replace the hard drive in the box, as the hard drive has gone, if i do this how do i re download the software for the box. Im also still using the youview box that i got fron bt as a freeview recorder. Further investigation reveals there are multiple bt vision boxes where earlier i had thought there were 2. It gives the ability to run unsigned code not get free channels. Disneylife has launched, giving everyone their very. We look at bts home digital tv service, which combines freeview with a library of ondemand movies and tv shows. Bt tv slowly closing down old vision iptv settopboxes. This is probably the closest match to what youview offers.

Yeah i noticed the box on ebay looks like a complete scam. Over the next few weeks, all bt tv customers will see the new interface, with the exception of. Bt ultra hd youview box uhd dtrt4000500gb with twin hd freeview and 7 day catch up tv. Hi all, i bought a bt vision box yesterday at a car boot sale and then powered it up at home and it had a nl01.

Overnight we had a power cut and after reconnection the vision box failed to restart. Can i use a bt vision box from a netgear router from plusnet. I have a bt vision box and due to needing to save money, i have had to cancel my broadband subscription. I dont feel inclined to write the bt vision box off. Bt to scrap bt vision broadband iptv box and replace it. With our nifty set top boxes and app, its never been easier to enjoy the tv you love at home or on the go. Below you will find 3m products currently available in the united states. I was very happy with the old service but am disappointed with the new offering. Customers of the bt tv service have been told that the operator intends to close their original silver btvision broadband iptv box service. A video walkthrough of what to expect from plugging in your bt vision box to experiencing live tv and a bit of on demand video to find out what is. After all the upgrades i find the screen wording harder to read because the colours have changed from black on white easy to dark blue not so easy.

Is this why its picking up stuff from the internet connection that goes into the youview box. Bt vision box black version, the older silverwhite ones have an ide hard drive. Simply select the programme you want to record, and it will be saved onto the hard drive. Find out about alexa, the personality behind amazon echo, the voicecontrolled speaker which you can use to manage your music and more. Bt to scrap bt vision broadband iptv box and replace it with. Bt tv slowly closing down old vision iptv settopboxes and. I started putting together a server for my xboxes running xbmc and was hunting for a suitable hard drive for the operating syste. A couple of years ago i cancelled my subscription to bt vision.

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